Introducing Lexan-ClearBars

Lexan-ClearBars provide a secure and elegant solution to burglar-proofing your home or business.

Lexan ClearBars are made from the strongest thermoplastic in the world, which is virtually indestructible and has a tensile breaking strength of 3000kg’s – impossible to break with stones, bricks or a hammer.

Virtually unnoticeable and often enhancing the window, Lexan-ClearBars provide a means of securing your home and loved ones, without compromising your mountain and sea views.

Multisafe Lexan-ClearBars are maintenance free, scratch resistant and guaranteed for 10 years against fading and ageing.

The 6mm x 30mm burglar bars are individually installed with spacings of 100mm – 120mm, as per insurance regulations, and are easily and securely mounted in to either aluminum or wooden frame windows by our professional and approved Multisafe Security agent.

Over 250 kilometres of ClearBars® have been supplied and installed in Southern Africa by the MultiSafe Security organisation.

We only supply Lexan from the inventers (1953) of polycarbonate, Sabic Innovative Plastics in The Netherlands and MultiSafe Security will exclusively use their product – Lexan® in all our installations.

“Being the inventor of the highly successful transparent burglar bar and working exclusively with the inventors of Lexan is a great step forward and proving to the world that we have the best product ever”, says Martin Nauta.

About Lexan

Lexan (the inventors of polycarbonate) is synonymous with quality and
durability and is one of only two thermoplastics in the entire world
approved for use in the aviation industry (airplane windows)
Additionally the material is used for manufacturing police riot shields,
visors for helmets, jetfighter cockpits, rocket windows and Formula 1

Where reliability and strength is paramount, most
manufacturers choose Lexan.

About Multisafe

Multisafe is the inventor of ClearBars and guarantees that when you
purchase Lexan-ClearBars, you are installing the strongest transparent
burglar bar in the world.